Solan iStop Safety management system

Workplace Safety with Solan iStop: Your Workplace Security Matters

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Make your loading and unloading safer than ever before.
Not only should commercial garage doors be efficient, they need to be safe. We now offer an innovative new product to the market to ensure worker safety. Industrial centers are expected to provide a rapid and safe transfer of goods. Accidents during unloading and loading occur when there is a lack of communication between the truck driver and the workers at the loading platform. With Solan i-Stop System (intelligent stop) you can now protect your employees during the loading and unloading process. Designed precisely to prevent the possibility of workplace accidents, this unique safety management system is the solution we recommend.

The i-Stop system is designed precisely to prevent loading and unloading accidents involving trucks and forklifts. The truck driver who parks at the platform can not unload or load merchandise before securing the truck’s tires with Solan’s unique stop-breaker: the i-Stop. Only when i-Stop is attached to the truck wheels it become possible to open the logistics center’s platform door and the truck can no longer move from its place. Now the forklift driver can perform his duties safely.

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