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Example of an Electric Styled Gate

With the advancement in technology today, you can now roll your gates open by just pushing a button. ProMaster Security Gate & Door Expert are the #1 gate repair company in New York City. We provide a variety of gate services that include:

  • Roll Up Gate Repairs
  • Roll Down Gate Repairs
  • Emergency Gate Repairs and Gate Installations
  • 24 Hour Gate Services in NYC
  • Gate Openers
  • Gate Opener Repairs
  • Garage Door Repairs
  • And more!

Why Electric Gates?

Our electric gates are all made out of high-quality materials and equipped with premium gate motors, sensors, and other modern tech. This makes it possible to open/ close the gates through the use of a smartphone, tablet, or a gate key (remote). We also have waterproof electric gates that can endure NYC rain and winters!

Electric gates are excellent at preventing trespassers from breaking into your property. Modern electric gates are very durable. These go perfectly in commercial buildings because their ease of use cannot be beaten.

There are many variations of electric gates. Some are roll-up gates, while others are rolling gates. All in all, we at ProMaster believe that electric gates are a good investment for your business (or home)!

Save yourself from the manual labor and have your electric gate installed today.

The Electric Gate Motor

This is considered as the backbone of any electrical gate – automatic or not. The electric gate motor has two dominating variations: hydraulic and electromechanical. The gate motor is which allows the electric gate to actually open and close so one wouldn’t have to do it manually.

Electric Gate Security and Safety

It’s crucial to keep in mind the safety of automated gates. Electric automated gates that have not been fitted with safety as a priority can become a hazard to inexperienced users. This is why ProMaster recommends gate installation projects and gate repair projects be done by professionals such as ourselves. If anything does go wrong, we are able to fix it quickly, rather than having yourself spend thousands of dollars repairing your mistake.

Electric Gates operate slowly depending on the fitted motor. As a result, it is common for these gates to be used in combination with other security features. These include:

  • CCTV
  • Keypads,
  • Home Cameras
  • And More!

Our company is experienced in installing, repairing, and maintaining electric gates. We not only work with the gates but also with electric gate parts like motors and openers.

Choose Us for Any and All Electric Gate Repair Services

ProMaster Security Gate & Door Experts have been working in the gate industry in NYC for years. We are certified, licensed, and bonded. Our company takes pride in what we do, and we love helping the residential and commercial property owners in this great big city.

We have three main electric gate services and they are:

Electric Gate Installation:

  • Gate Door Installation NYC
  • Electric Roll up Gate Installation
  • Electric Motor Installation
  • Track Installation

Electric Gate Repair:

  • Gate Door Repair
  • Rollup Gate Repair NYC
  • Motor Repairs
  • Track Repair

Electric Gate Security:

  • Gate inspections NYC
  • Weather Seal Replacement
  • Tighten Hardwares

In addition, we also offer equipment repairs like gate openers, gate springs, and more! If you’re in the city and you require immediate gate repair services – contact us today! We care about our customers and are open 24/7 to provide them with all the help they need in order to maximize their gate security.

So, if you’re looking for reliable electric gate services in New York City, call us now at: (855) 333_4884

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