24 Hour Gate Repair NYC


ProMaster Security Gate and Door Expert provides 24 hour gate repair services for roll down gates, roll up gates, rolling gates, electric gates, and more! Therefore, if you need immediate help for any security gate problems, feel free to contact us as soon as possible.

Rolling Gate Experts

Our company has trained professionals who are ready to take on any task. Whether it be repairing a broken rolling gate, or helping you make sure you proper gate security. We’ve been in this business for years, and we love what we do.

All of our employees are trained, certified, and licensed experts at repairing, installing, and inspecting all sorts of gates that include:

  • Rolling Gates
  • Roll up Gates
  • Roll Down Gates
  • Electric Gates
  • Automatic Gates
  • Garage Doors

Rolling Gates in NYC

ProMaster Security Gate and Door Expert is the best company for all your rolling gate services. Located in New York City, we provide not only security gate repair services, but also gate parts. These parts include:

  • Gate Springs
  • Motors/ Openers
  • Locks
  • Sensors
  • Panels
  • And more!

We provide repairs, installations, and all the gate parts necessary to get the job done in NYC. We understand how important it is to secure your business in the city. As a result, we do our best to fix all gate problems you may have. This is why we offer 24 hour gate repair services for any and all gates.

Need a roll up gate repair? We have you covered.

Need a roll down gate installed? Call us now!

Whatever service you require, even if it’s electric gates or automatic gates – contact us.

We will prove to you why we are NYC’s #1 gate repair & installation company. Our company makes sure only top quality materials are used when repairing any rolling gate.

Why Quality Material is Important for Rolling Gates

There are many gate repair, installation, and inspection companies in NYC. However, we’re the only one who is truly open 24 hours a day helping not only commercial customers, but residential property owners as well!

Additionally, we make sure we only use the highest quality material in the rolling gate repair process. Our customers deserve what they paid for, and we want to make sure they’re happy.

If you have a rolling gate you need repaired, installed, or inspected, call us now at: (844) 900-4283

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