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ProMaster Security Gate and Door Expert is the Security gate company that focuses on keeping you secure. Security gates and roll up gates both serve as a barrier to entry. ProMaster Security Gate and Door Expert not only installs both overhead doors and roll up gates, we also do gate repairs and gate maintenance.

Based in New York City, you can call today (855) 333-4884. We offer commercial and residential security gate services!


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◈ Gate Door Installation
◈ Roll Up Gate Installation
◈ Motor Installation
◈ Track Installation


◈ Gate Door Repair
◈ Roll Up Gate Repair
◈ Motor Repair
◈ Track Repair


◈ Inspection
◈ Lubrication
◈ Weather Seal Replacement
◈ Tighten Hardware

Commercial Gate Services

  • Our security gates are multi-layered and insulated to keep out the cold.
  • Gate installations are recommended for storage protection.
  • Gate maintenance for storefronts are required in case of malfunction.

Residential Gate Services

  • Rolling gates are effective in keeping unwanted visitors from entering.
  • Temperature is kept within through our multi-layer insulation.
  • Our gates come in a variety of designs and size to fit your space.

Gate Installation Services

Gate Door Installation

Gate Repair and Installation

We protect your property from various criminal or accidental situations 24/7 in New York City. ProMaster Security Gate and Door Expert provides commercial business owners of NYC professional gate installation services around the clock.

If your a business owner in need for high quality roll up gates, electric gates, and various security door installations- you’ve arrived at the right place! Our team of experts have been in the gate repair, installation, and maintenance business for years. We can provide you the best experience through our skills in order to maintain your security efficiently.

Gate Repair Services

Commercial Gate Door

Roll Down Gate Repair

Roll up gates serve a beneficial purpose for easy exiting and entering. Their function serves as a large security measure in order for your property to remain in tact. Storing your valuables and securing many automotive vehicles. We encourage gate repair safety measures such as: rusted parts, loose screws and tampering. We at ProMaster Security Gate and Door Expert want to lend a hand in keeping you secure.

With our gate repair services we can ensure proper installation using our advanced tools. ProMaster Security Gate and Door Expert is a local company and as a team we understand the demand for safe living in New York City. Safety is depended on an electric gate repair door.

Security Gate Services

Warehouse Gate Door

Heavy Duty Security Gate

Just like everything else, gates and doors need proper and consistent maintenance. Over the years, time will wear down even the sturdiest gates – but don’t worry. It is our job here at ProMaster Security Gate and Door Expert to help you maintain and renew your gates. We recommend that you hire a professional for your all your gate security maintenance checkups, no matter how big or small the problem may be. 

Performing any gate repairs, installations, or replacements on your own can cost you even more money! In addition, there are several health hazards associated with performing said checkups on your own.

We Can Help

Throughout our service, we provide you with as much information of the planning process. We start from the beginning of installation work to the polishing finish. We provide a range price and advanced technology. Our gates come in a variety of styles. This allows us to give you many options to choose for your commercial or residential space.

When it comes to gate installing, maintaining and repairing your security gate door, the process is important as the quality choice! When our team arrives at your property you’ll know the dimensions of our gate doors. In addition, any problems that can occur will be identified by us. Therefore, we can assure you that the door fits the way it should. We can provide you the best security gate door performance that will last you years!

Why Choose Us?

For best quality, it is imperative that a proper gate repair has a long lasting quality. The primary reason of hiring a professional is to assess your entire garage door gate repair. Regardless of whether you have durable and tough gates, the speed and ease when you open and close the door matters. Therefore, to keep your door in working position, you need a professional. When you hire a professionally trained garage door gate repair specialist, you can rest guaranteed that the job will be done right. Here we

Side Street View of Gates

Roll up & Roll Down gate Installations

have listed few reasons that we are best and why you should choose us:


  • 24/7 Services:

Malfunctioning can occur at any time. They often appear through age or misplacement. Thus, our professionals are constantly accessible 24/7, 7 days of the week offering the best gate repair NYC services.


  • Warranty:

Warranty implies you can get free of cost service for a minima period. Incase malfunction takes place our company can offer you a warranty. From that point onward, in the event that anything unexpected occurs with your garage door within the warranty time frame, you can get the repair services from our gate repair NYC services free of expense.


  • Warehouse Gate Doors

    Rolling Gates

    Our Latest Tools:

Our company has top quality hardware tools and instruments to handle any gate repair NYC services. We are trained to repair and construct a secured gate for your safety. As a company, we guarantee that our security is a lifetime commitment.


There are many gate repair companies that offer you a variety of solutions. However, it is vital that you hire a professional with affordable rates in the events of damage. You can make a call for any gate repair NYC services today. We offer you gate installation, gate repair, gate maintenance and many more.

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Julio Santiesteban

Service was outstanding! Alex is an incredible professional and I’ll definitely be recommending his services to my friends and family.”

Max Christie McMillan

“Let’s be honest – there are plenty of companies that can work on a garage door. What sets one company apart from another is the people and how they interact with the customer, on top of their technical competency. In that regard, my experience with ProMaster was excellent.”

Franco Maschio

“I spoke with Alex, he was very helpful. He repaired a gate at the restaurant where I work at. He did a great job. Highly recommendable.”

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