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  • Garage Door Installation
  • Roll Up Gate Installation
  • Motor Installation
  • Track Installation


  • Garage Door Repair
  • Roll Up Gate Repair
  • Motor Repair
  • Track Repair


  • Inspection
  • Lubrication
  • Weather Seal Replacement
  • Tighten Hardware

About Us

Helping you feel secure in your home.

ProMaster Gate Repair is a team of Pros located in and around Manhattan. 

Our purpose is to help you feel secure in your home. We do that by installing fully-functional gates and garage doors that last many years into your future.


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  1. Educate customers who have gate and garage door problems both on short and long-term solutions.
  2. Install fully-functioning gates or garage doors that are correctly welded, painted, and have all cables properly connected and secured.
  3. Repair gates or garage doors so they are fully-functioning and lubricated to improve their operation.
  1. To provide you with 2 solutions, one simple and cost-effective and the other effective and permanent to handle your problem.
  2. To provide you with excellent service and a 1 year warranty on all new installations.
  1. ProMaster aims to service our customers’ security needs in the US for the next 100 years. That means we need to give you confidence in the security of your space.
  2. We aim to give you confidence by providing you with gates and garage doors that are fully-functional and will last many years into the future.


Secure your space today.

 ProMaster Gate Repair is the garage door and gate company that focuses on keeping you secure. Based out of New York City, you can call 844-900-4283 for service.

 Garage doors and roll up gates both serve as a barrier to entry.

  • Beyond that, garage doors are oven multi-layered and insulated to keep out the cold. Garage doors are particularly appropriate when your garage is connected to your home and the cold North East air sweeps around and about your home.
  • Roll up gates come in both chain-link and slatted designs. These rolling gates are particularly effective in keeping unwanted people from entering your shop or store. While the slatted roll up gates can protect your space from direct wind, they will not keep out the cold.

ProMaster Gate Repair not only installs both overhead garage doors and roll up gates, we also repair and maintain them.